2022-2023 McMurry University Catalog 
    Jul 23, 2024  
2022-2023 McMurry University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)

McMurry University adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) that governs the access and release of information from a student’s education records. This policy applies to the education records of all students beginning the first class day of the first term of attendance at McMurry, and includes all methods of enrollment.

Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notice To Students

McMurry University annually informs students of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. This Act protects the privacy of education records, establishes the right of students to inspect and review their education records, and provides guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data.

Disclosure Of Student Records

In general, personally identifiable information from a student’s education record will not be disclosed without written consent from the student. This includes, but is not limited to, grades, academic schedule information, and transcripts. The Act does allow some exceptions in which a student’s education records can or must be released which include notification in cases involving certain types of disciplinary proceedings or subpoenas. In addition, two other exceptions may be made by the university: (1) directory information, as listed below, may be released unless the student requests that it be withheld and the proper paperwork is on file in the Registrar’s office; (2) student records may be released to the parents of dependent students as defined by Internal Revenue Code 1986, Section 152.

Directory Information

McMurry University designates the following as public or Directory Information. As such, it may be disclosed by the university for any purpose at its discretion.

  • Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Hometown
  • Local and permanent address / telephone numbers
  • Directory phone
  • Student’s McM email address
  • Major and minor fields of study
  • Anticipated degree
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degrees and awards received
  • Classification
  • Anticipated graduation dates
  • Student enrollment status (full-time / part-time)
  • Currently enrolled or not
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • Previous educational agencies or institutions attended
  • Photographs

Withholding Directory Information

Currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of Directory Information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Written notification to withhold Directory Information must be on file in the Registrar’s office by the last day to add a course for each term. Forms are available in the Registrar’s office.

Officials Of The University

Faculty, staff, and board members of the university have access to student education records in the performance of their regular duties as representatives of the university. Care is taken to authorize access to both computer and paper records only to those representatives who have a legitimate educational interest.

For questions or more information please contact:

Registrar’s Office Phone: 325.793.3888  
1 McMurry University Box 338 Fax: 325.793.3830  
Abilene TX 79697 Email: registrar@mcm.edu  

McMurry Email

Due to the confidentiality of student records, the McMurry assigned email address is the only one used to contact and communicate with students. It is the students’ responsibility to check and maintain their McMurry email accounts. Students receive vital communication from administrators and faculty through their McMurry email and are held responsible for the information sent to their McMurry email accounts.

MYMCM - Student Records

Students are encouraged to view or print unofficial transcripts, semester grades, course schedules, and degree audits online through MYMCM, which is located on the McMurry web site. In addition, online registration is available each semester once the student has visited with as assigned academic advisor. The Registrar’s office (325.793.3888) can assist students with information concerning academic student records and information, and registration. For questions concerning login or password information to access MYMCM, contact the Helpdesk at 325.793.4900.


Requests For McMurry Transcript

Official transcripts are requested through Parchment Services and require a processing fee of $7.00 per transcript. A Parchment log-in link and information is provided on the Registrar’s Office page of the McMurry website. Normal processing time is 2-4 business days (3-5 business days during heavy volume times of the semester). Transcripts cannot be released for students with a “hold” on their account or records with the university until the hold is cleared with the office involved. Unofficial transcripts are not available for former McMurry students. Current students have access to an unofficial transcript through MYMCM. McMurry requires that the student request their own transcript to be sent either electronically, picked up in person, or mailed to the indicated person and address. Transcripts requested by another college, university, or agency are not processed.

Transcripts Received From Other Institutions

Once transcripts are received at McMurry from a high school or another college or university, they become the property of McMurry. Except in certain situations dealing with foreign transcripts, copies of received transcripts are not provided and transcripts are not returned to the student, whether or not the student attends McMurry.