2022-2023 McMurry University Catalog 
    Feb 07, 2023  
2022-2023 McMurry University Catalog

Academic Restart

The McMurry Academic Restart program is available for students who wish to eliminate from their records all previous unsatisfactory grades for academic work. Undergraduate students may, at the time of admission or readmission to the university, petition to the Registrar for approval for Academic Restart if they have not been enrolled in any college or university for a period of at least five calendar years immediately preceding their intended enrollment at McMurry. The following conditions will apply:

  1. The student will forfeit the use of all college or university credits earned prior to the date Academic Restart was declared (the date of admission or readmission). This includes credits earned through any advanced placement program. Courses taken prior to the Academic Restart date may not be used to fulfill requirements of any kind.
  2. No courses taken prior to the declaration of Academic Restart will be used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average.
  3. The student’s record will be inscribed with the notation “Academic Restart Declared” (date).
  4. The student will not be eligible for academic honors conferred by the University except as justified by the entire academic record, including courses taken prior to the declaration of Academic Restart.
  5. A student who declares Academic Restart will be placed on academic probation and required to earn a C (2.0) average during his first semester of enrollment. Students failing to meet this requirement will be suspended from the University. Those meeting the requirement will be removed from probation.
  6. A student who declares Academic Restart will be considered an entering freshman and will be subject to all McMurry policies regarding placement in courses.
  7. Declaration of Academic Restart has no effect on accumulated financial aid history. Students accumulated semester and award limits include all semesters of enrollment, both before and after the declaration.
  8. The student will be required to provide official transcripts from all previous institutions attended.