2022-2023 McMurry University Catalog 
    Feb 07, 2023  
2022-2023 McMurry University Catalog

Academic Advising

McMurry University considers Academic Advising an essential element of the educational process and is committed to a program which strives to integrate students’ personal and academic goals, address their cognitive and social development, and establish the relationship between education and life experiences.

Each student at McMurry is assigned an academic advisor whose role is to help the student clarify individual goals and develop a suitable educational plan, select an appropriate course sequence, and review the progress toward established educational goals. While many students may later choose to self advise, they are first required to meet with their advisor for registration and schedule changes and are highly encouraged to consult with their advisor anytime assistance is needed. While the advisor serves as a valuable  resource person who can help facilitate the student’s adjustment to and development within the academic environment, it is the student’s ultimate responsibility for selecting courses, meeting course prerequisites, adhering to policies and procedures, and complying with all requirements for degree completion, Students are assigned an advisor in the department of their declared major. During the first year, students are assigned an advisor who is especially equipped to work with new college students. After the first year, an advisor in the major department is selected.

The Office of Academic Advising, which is a component of the Registrar’s office, assigns advisors and makes changes in a student’s major, minor, or teaching field. In addition, the professional staff of this office advises and registers all new transfer students upon their initial enrollment to McMurry.